Dinner & Lunch Prep…..2 in 1

Dinner & Lunch prep in 1✔️

Why not think ahead and use your ingredients from dinner to prep your lunch for the coming day!

Here I had 2 salmon fillets I cooked at the same time, using one for my dinner with greens & mashed sweet potato, with a little sweet chilli sauce 🙂 whilst the other salmon was used to make salmon & sweet potato fishcakes.

I added grated carrots, broccoli, garlic and onion to the fishcakes with psyllium husk (great for fibre) to help bind them together before pan frying in coconut oil.

To be served with a green salad for lunch 🙂

Be efficient with the ingredients you use and think ahead – it saves time, money and hassle, whilst making you feel super productive ✔️

Alana xo

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