All About Nuts!

Mixed Nuts

As we all know, nuts can be a great snack on the go or at work, but how many and what type of nuts are enough or too much?

Roasted, no salt per serving (28g or around 2 tbsp):

  1. Almonds            23 nuts          14g fat        6g protein           163 calories
  2. Brazil Nuts       7 nuts             21g fat        4g protein           184 calories
  3. Cashews            18 nuts          13g fat        5g protein           163 calories
  4. Hazelnuts         20 nuts          17g fat        4g protein           178 calories
  5. Peanuts              28 nuts          14g fat        5g protein           166 calories
  6. Pistachios         49 nuts          13g fat        6g protein           161 calories
  7. Walnuts             14 halves      17g fat        7g protein           173 calories

From the above we can see that the best choice with regards to quantity: calorie ratio is pistachios. You can eat more of them for fewer calories.

Obviously each of the nuts have different health benefits but if you are trying to lose weight and are eating nuts as a snack; this is a good guide to keep hunger at bay without feeling deprived.

This is often where people go wrong as they don’t know how many nuts are too many.

Sooo, go nuts 😛

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  1. I wish pistachios weren’t so expensive- they’re by far my favorite tasting nut! If you’re interested, I’d love for you to share a post at my link up tomorrow. There is an explanation right on my main menu under ‘Tell ’em Tuesdays’.
    xoxo K

  2. Tiffaspilla says:

    great information! a lot of people go on endless snacking sprees on nuts thinking its healthy, but dont know that much will not be so good! im a fitness blogger on here too! xx

    1. Exactly! Just followed you, your page looks great 👌💪x

      1. Tiffaspilla says:

        aw thank you hun! 🙂 oh and btw I just made a new facebook page it would mean so much to me if you would check it out and tell me what you think! thank you sweetie! xxx

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