How to improve your sleep quality



As the Irish Proverb says,

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything!”.


How to improve your sleep

Something we hated as a child, yet long for as an adult, defines how we lead our day. There’s nothing quite like waking up after a sleep that was ‘enough’ and automatically feeling energised.

How many of us wake up like that every day? I wouldn’t say many. So here are some tips to improve your quality of sleep:

1.Melatonin a non-addictive sleep aid. You can increase melatonin production in the body by simply dimming lights, or alternatively you can use a Melatonin tablet supplement which can be bought in pharmacies such as Boots.

This helps those who travel often, to avoid jet-lag.

Tip: Don’t sit at your computer or phone for hours before going to bed, try reading a book or having a hot bath instead.

2.Lavender Oil Helps improve your sleep through aromatherapy. Dab some on your pillow or near your bed before sleeping. Taking 80-160mg of the oil orally can also  reduce anxiety. Again, perfect paired with a hot bath.

I previously wrote a piece on sleep affecting weight loss which you can have a read of from the below link:

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  1. Steve says:

    I think Netflix is the best sleep aid 🙂

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