Stuck for time to workout? Try a HIIT workout


For those of you still reading these tips daily, a big thank you! 😀

We are officially into the 4th week of January – I swear the time passes by faster & faster as the years go on!

Anyway, on to our 22nd tip of the month.

To save time & burn calories more efficiently, try a HIIT workout


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is an excellent way to burn calories. Basically you work at a near maximal intensity for a set time (normally 20 seconds) with a rest of half that time (normally 10 seconds).

You can do this in a circuit style workout, choosing a few exercises to go through, or you can do it on one exercise alone.

The normal time to complete a HIIT session in is around 20 minutes (minus warm up and cool down). It doesn’t sound like much, but if you do it correctly, it is a killer!

In comparison to LISS, which is simply Low Intensity Steady State cardio, like taking a long walk, HIIT takes half the time & can burn the same, if not more calories.

For example, doing a 20 minute HIIT session, with warm up and cool down (30 minutes in total) can burn the same amount of calories (adding the 30 minutes resting post exercise which still burns calories), as taking a long walk for 1 full hour.


Reason being, your heart rate is much higher during the high intensity exercise (HIIT) compared to your heart rate if you are just out for a long walk (LISS).

This leads to EPOC (excess post-oxygen consumption) or ‘after-burn’ from a high-intensity workout, which basically means the calories continue to burn at a high level for a duration after exercise is ceased.

So, put in twice the effort for half the time & your metabolism will reward you 🙂 Yay!

I have a few workout videos on my Facebook if you need some inspiration for minimal equipment workouts.



If you have been putting some of these January tips into action and sticking to them, you should be feeling a lot more energetic & lighter on your feet at this stage!

I know I feel ten times better than I did on January 1st with that disgusting hangover! Lets keep it going 😀

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