Common Bulking Mistakes


As the six pack season comes to an end once again, I feel like it’s an apt time to discuss the topic that is ‘bulking’. If you didn’t manage to sport a six pack this summer, at least you can feel comfortable about not having one now as winter approaches!

In this blog I’m going to presume that those reading are already interested in weightlifting and eating lots of food. Thus, you probably already know that a calorie surplus must be involved when trying to ‘bulk’ as well as a good quality training programme according to the goals of the individual i.e., whether they play a sport or are bulking for a physique show for example.

What I am focusing on here is the bulking process as I see it, highlighting some of the mistakes I see people make, the unrealistic expectations as well as some things to take note of if you are considering a ‘bulking’ phase this winter.


I’m going to keep this very to the point. By bulking I mean building muscle and by cutting I mean losing fat. Simple.

A way to describe ‘bulking’ is to consider it as an investment period for anyone looking to gain size/muscle. Done correctly it can improve an individual’s physique and strength immensely however I repeat the ‘done correctly’ part of that.


A lot of men and women who work towards competing in bodybuilding shows would commence a bulking phase in their off season in a bid to improve their physique. Then you have others who are simply sick of being the skinny one in the group and want to beef up a bit, or athletes who need to put on some size for their role/position in their sport.

Whatever the reason for people wanting to bulk, it doesn’t really matter. What I want to focus on is the process as a whole, highlighting common mistakes people make.


Either not eating enough or eating too much
Some people will think they are eating in a surplus when in actual fact they aren’t eating near enough to gain size and are lacking the energy to train well and improve performance in the gym. Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum where some people think the more they eat the more muscle they will gain. Wrong.

some people think the more they eat the more muscle they will gain. Wrong.

There is a fine line between eating enough and too much when in a bulking phase. You should be using your weight and general physical progress as a guide to how your bulk is going.

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