Top Tips After Overeating – ‘Tis The Season!

f8363e32a9e79376e111c153be373171December is the month of festivities after all and that includes family, friends, food and drink . . .and more food! 😉

Therefore I’ve put together a few tips to help limit the damage after you’ve overdone it a little. Safe to Christmas Day will be the big one! 😛


Limiting the damage the days following some overindulgence:

1.Drink water first thing 

This shouldn’t just be after a day of overeating/drinking, but every day. Drinking water first thing will help get your bowels moving (too much info maybe, but it’s true), and you’ll feel much better!

A simple guideline for daily hydration is to multiply your weight in kg by 30ml.
E.g., 70(kg) x 30(ml) = 2,100ml or 2.1litres per day (excluding sweat loss).

2.Stick to protein & veggies as the bulk of each meal.

Having protein at each meal will mean you will stay satiated for longer – keeping hunger at bay til your next meal.
Added veggies provides micronutrients, water, fibre and very few calories in comparison to other foods. The fibre also leaves you feeling fuller for longer.

3.Limit fats/carbs 

This is more about reducing your usual fat/carbs a little for a few days following a period of overindulgence. You will have likely eaten ALOT more carbs and fat than usual already, and sticking to mainly protein and veggies will mean you won’t be as hungry, therefore you won’t necessarily need as much fat/carbs in those few days.


Okay so even if you can’t face getting to the gym, at least get yourself out for a nice walk or cycle. People underestimate the power of just moving more. Taking the stairs, parking further from the sop entrance etc.

You’re more likely to eat more if you lay around all day & anyway – there’s nothing quite like some winter sun to help clear the head after a few too many the night before 😉 The exercise will help burn some of the extra energy you consumed as well. Win win! 😛

Whilst on holidays or over the Festive period I would recommend getting around 3 workouts in a week. These being either gym based or even at-home workouts will do. Then the added walks/cycles/hikes etc are great low-impact exercise ideas that will help maintain your weight over the holidays.


The holidays are most definitely not the easiest times to try to lose weight (although it is of course possible), therefore I recommend clients to simply aim to maintain their weight over this period.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you have a bad day. We all have them. Enjoy your holidays with friends and family, eat good food and drink til your merry 😉 BUT do take some of these damage control tips into consideration as well and don’t just take on a ‘fuck it’ attitude until January!

Hope this helps! 🙂


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