Charity Boxing Update

After my previous newsletter update in the lead up to the white collar boxing, I mentioned I had raised around 1,890 EURO, well exceeding my goal of €1,000.

I am delighted to say that the total raised was a whopping €3,170. Incredible. I felt such a sense of achievement before I even stepped in that ring, knowing how much this money will help those in need in Haiti.

Joe, my friend who runs the charity, told me that €3,000 would literally feed and educate 500 kids in their school in Haiti for 1 whole month. AMAZING!! 

That made me so happy but also hit me with the realisation that this charity needs that amount of money every month to be able to do just that. We really don’t know how lucky we are. Again, I am so thankful to those who donated and supported me – you can keep an eye on the charity’s Facebook page for updates in the near future: Haiti In Our Hands.

The boxing event itself was a massive success and I was very proud to be a part of it, the first of it’s kind in Bahrain. Massive well done to Tariq & the guys at Lift Gym for organising such an event and training us all so well!

The nerves were real I must admit but the adrenaline soon took over when my fight was announced. I was very lucky to have so many great friends there on the night supporting me and cheering me on!

What a fight it was – there was no let-up! Our fitness and training was truly tested that’s for sure! After 3 gruelling rounds of what felt like a lifetime, the winner was announced..

After a draw on points, Kora, my fantastic opponent scooped the win with number of punches thrown. I don’t like losing but I can definitely say I gave it my all and it wasn’t to be!

It’s safe to say I still celebrated well with the gang and felt as if I won the Olympics! haha.

For anyone in Bahrain who is interested in the charity boxing event, I would highly recommend it. Contact the guys at Lift Gym on to find out about the next event and how to register your interest. You can check out myself and Kora’s fight on my Facebook page as i got one of my friends to live stream it. I still can’t watch it back yet! haha.

What an experience and I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; I have massive respect for anyone that does boxing as a sport! The sheer discipline, training and commitment needed is outstanding. I am definitely going to keep up the training as a hobby – don’t think I’ll turn pro just yet. . . .

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