Do You Wake Up Feeling Overwhelmed or Anxious?

Do you wake up, check your phone, think about everything you have to get done that day and break into a cold sweat – no matter big or little that to-do list is.

If not, excellent! You will still benefit from the following though 🙂

As a personal trainer with a full time job, private clients, online clients and a blog to try and maintain, I often find myself getting a bit overwhelmed and anxious with the sheer amount of stuff I have going on.

Little things like remembering to text someone back, pick something up from the cleaners, buying more coffee cause I’ve run out – obvz!, as well as bigger things like deadlines, client check ins, invoices, bills, appointments etc. run through my mind 24-7 incase I forget something.

Similar to most full time working adults who might have kids to look after, second jobs, general LIFE things etc., it’s easy to let all of this take over and overwhelm us. 

I’m always worrying I’ve missed something – forgotten to reply to a client, missed an appointment, late for work, etc etc. although thankfully I can say none of the above usually happen – which is probably the reason I was feeling this way so often actually! haha.

A while back I found this getting a little bit too much. I would feel so overwhelmed upon waking up that my stress levels would shoot up. (Cortisol, our stress hormone, is already high in the morning, so this really didn’t help things).

I would feel panicky (is that a word), rushed, out of control, all because I tried to do everything at once. The one thing I found that really set this feeling off was checking my emails/messages first thing. BIG NO NO!

I would have everyone else’s problems and issues and demands shoved down my throat before I even had a chance to open my eyes properly. I found myself just bursting into tears randomly throughout the day, no joke, as hard as that is to admit, I’ll be honest and say it happened. I didn’t know what was wrong with me or what was happening. 

You don’t have to feel like there’s something wrong with you if this is something you are going through too – everyone goes through this at some stage or another, it’s just how we react to it that’s important.

That’s life – nowadays we are under so much pressure to be successful (whatever that is), work ridiculously hard, save, yet also have a lavish lifestyle, enjoy life to the full yet ‘grind’ every day – it’s fucked up! We don’t know what we are supposed to be at! 

Anyway, with me, I knew something had to give. I couldn’t compromise my health while trying to improve everyone else’s. Sometimes you just have to stop, take a step back and re-evaluate things.

I was burning the candle at both ends, pouring from an empty cup as they say. I knew I needed to feel more of a sense of control so that’s where I started.

I began waking up a little earlier than usual, not reading my messages/emails, and instead making a cup of coffee, going back to bed and grabbing a book. Set my timer to 20 minutes and got lost in whatever I was reading.

Not only did my mind go elsewhere instead of thinking about everyone else and everything I had to do that day, but I found my love for reading again and am getting through all the books I had been putting off because I was so ‘busy’. I’m less stressed/anxious because I know I have that extra time in the morning that I didn’t give myself before.

Basically it’s left me so so much more relaxed starting each day as opposed to stressy/panicky/angry! Honestly.

Another thing that I mentioned on my snapchat (calsandcarbs) before, was that I bought myself a brilliantjournal! I was looking at so many different ones online but none that had everything I wanted (FYI I am so old school when it comes to planning/appointments etc.)

I refuse to be technologically (is that a word too?!) savvy on that side of things – I need things written down in front of me on paper 🙂

I finally came across this one I hadn’t seen before called ‘Inspire Now Journal’ on amazon (25 stg) and it is amazing! See an example of the day-to-day pages below. You can see the other pages on amazon.

It basically covers everything possible to keep your mind at ease and keeping you organised. It doesn’t have set dates which I love so you write your own, and it includes a space to write something you are thankful for each day which I am a firm believer in – no matter how many people might turn their nose up to that – everyone should try it!

So, the point of this post – if you are putting everyone else first, trying to do everything at once, feeling stressed and generally overwhelmed – it’s time to take a step back and put yourself first.

Change something you do daily – whether that’s writing down your tasks for the next day before you sleep, so you have them on paper and not in your mind (mind-dump, yes that’s what it’s called haha), or whether it’s giving yourself a bit more ‘you’ time. Just do something!

Like I said, eventually something has to give, so don’t let it be your health.

Happy Monday! I can genuinely say that now with a smile on my face now instead of a moody stress head 😀

Check back next week when I delve into the topic surrounding motivation and will power – one not to be missed!

Alana x









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