10 Tips to Stop Hating Mondays!

1. Stop Dreading Monday

Blue Mondays are a myth. Pretend that you actually like Mondays, change your mindset. You have the power to change how you feel. Monday is just another day. It’s all about how you approach it. Start Monday off with a negative mind and you’re almost guaranteed to have a bad day. Positivity breeds positivity. You never know, something great might happen!

2. Do Something Fun on Sundays

Sundays shouldn’t be spent dreading the week ahead and complaining about how fast the weekend went. Use Sundays to do something fun with people you love being around. This will set you up perfectly for the week ahead.

3. Pack Your Bag the Night Before & Get Your Clothes Ready

How many times have you fallen asleep on the couch on a Sunday and gone straight to bed without getting yourself organised for the next day? And how bad does it feel waking up in a panic with nothing ready? It sets you off on the wrong foot for the week ahead. Make an effort to empty your work bag and re-pack it, get your gym bag ready, have your gym/work clothes laid out and have your lunch ready to go. You will feel invincible come Monday morning.

4. Plan Your Schedule for the Week Ahead

There’s a lot to be said for keeping a scheduled diary for the week. It can put your mind at ease getting everything you need to do/remember for the week down on paper in front of you. I have to have my week scheduled out so that I don’t forget any deadlines, client appointments, personal appointments, birthdays etc. Evernote is a great phone app if you are too modern for a good old fashioned diary!If you’re like me and love a good ‘ol diary you might have seen me rave about this one: inspire now journal .

5. Prepare Your Food

Before you skim past this, I do not mean spend your whole weekend prepping food for the week. If all you do is make some extra dinner on Sunday for Monday’s lunch and prepare your breakfast for the next day (even if that means just having it on the counter ready to go) then that is enough to keep you on track. Too many people complicate food prep and think of it as a big task. Simply increase the quantity of ingredients for dinner and that’s your next few lunches or dinners prepared. Easy!

6. Tidy Up/Declutter

There are mental benefits to starting each week fresh and new. Having a messy home/workspace going into a new week is like going on holiday and returning to a messy house. It’s disheartening! According to a study by Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, a cluttered environment hinders your ability to concentrate. So whether you’re at home or work and are finding it hard to focus, take a look at your surrounding environment. Maybe you just need a quick tidy up!

7. Keep a Gratitude Diary

Sometimes we let ourselves get stressed and distracted by the small things in life and it can really bring us down. Sometimes all we need is to look at the bigger picture and realise how fortunate we are. Keeping a gratitude diary is as simple as having a little notebook or in your work diary, and jotting down 3 things you are grateful for at the end of each day. These can be as simple as someone who made you laugh when you were having a crappy day, being able to exercise outside in the sunshine, a phone call from a friend. The goal is to be thankful for the things you sometimes take for granted.

8. Connect with Friends

Spending time with friends is a proven way to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Combine this tip with number 2 (Do something fun on Sundays) and you are sure to be feeling positive and ready for a new week ahead. Time spent with friends is time well spent.

9. Get an Early Night on Sunday

A common mistake we all make is not getting enough sleep. We all know by now it has its effects on our physical and mental state when we don’t get enough sleep or not enough good quality sleep. Getting into a good sleep routine can be very beneficial as your internal body clock gets used to this time and links it with bed. Other factors that can improve your sleep include:

  • Avoiding caffeine in the evening – that includes tea, coffee, fizzy drinks etc.,
  • Avoiding bright lights in the hour before bed – make sure your phone is on night mode or you avoid it altogether
  • Don’t sleep on a full or empty stomach – I find a small bowl of oats before bed is perfect for me if I have had dinner earlier in the evening.
  • Don’t force it – if you have been in bed 20-30 minutes and can’t sleep, then get up and go into a different room. Go to another room but don’t turn on the TV; just go sit in a separate room with dim/no lights. When you feel tired enough to sleep, go back to bed.  This helps the mind link sleep with bed.  Don’t look at the clock!  You will have an emotional reaction no matter what time it is.

10. Pace Yourself on Monday

Don’t feel like you have to solve the world’s problems on a Monday morning. Take it easy, give yourself an attainable to-do list for the day and ease yourself back into the week. If you have followed the above tips, you should find your Mondays to be a breeze 🙂

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