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My name’s Alana and I set up this blog in 2014 to help my clients along their health and fitness journeys. This blog is a space for me to provide articles that challenge the misconceptions within the health and fitness industry. I want to show people that there are people on the internet whose information you can trust. Not everyone is out to make a quick buck from vulnerable individuals by selling a cookie cutter meal plan and a workout they copied from bodybuilding.com! I might come across harsh but it’s only because I am so passionate about what I do.

I am a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) with an honours degree in the science behind sport, nutrition and exercise and I take my job very seriously, and i’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into expanding my knowledge. This industry is saturated with unqualified and biased coaches who think of it as an easy career path. Of course, I’m not saying that all coaches are like this, I would like to think that the majority are qualified and passionate coaches like myself, whose input is the kind that people can listen to and respect.

I provide free information on my blog simply to help as many people as I can. The things I write about are things that I find people are constantly bombarded with online, things that have conflicting opinions and theories. My aim is to do the research and provide an unbiased opinion that people can trust.

I currently work in a medical university here in Bahrain, providing fitness and nutrition consultations/coaching to staff and students alike. I work with clients including staff who have office jobs and just want to improve their health through fitness, as well as student doctors who want to improve their overall lifestyle in order to be able to practice what they preach to their future patients. As obesity is such a big epidemic in the region, it’s clear that the education around nutrition and training just isn’t up to scratch. It’s my aim to provide people with as much information and knowledge on these subjects as I can, so people can learn how to start to improve their lifestyle for the better.


Enough of the serious stuff, what else do I do? Outside of my full-time job, I am currently working alongside the GAA team here, The Arabian Celts, as their Strength & Conditioning coach as we head into the 2016-17 Middle East GAA season. As well as this, I am an online nutrition and training coach with Body Type Nutrition, one of the leading nutrition educators in the UK, so feel free to download my brochure on the website and see what I offer! I also write a weekly health & fitness article for the local newspaper in Donegal, The Inish Times, so I suppose you could say I’m kept busy! 😀 I have fun as well I swear 😛 I am a huge lover of good food, the gym, travelling and the odd motivational quote here and there 😉 So, to get a real insight into my day to day life and the things I enjoy, you can follow me all over social media.

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