10 Tips to Stop Hating Mondays!

1. Stop Dreading Monday Blue Mondays are a myth. Pretend that you actually like Mondays, change your mindset. You have the power to change how you feel. Monday is just another day. It’s all about how you approach it. Start Monday off with a negative mind and you’re almost guaranteed to have a bad day….

Reviewing your progress & re-evaluating your goals

Review your progress so far & re-evaluate your goals going forward! You will know deep down the parts of yourself/your lifestyle you can improve on, and only you can push yourself to improve them 🙂 New Year’s Resolutions are supposed to be challenging. All year round! But if you give up on them, then you’ll…

We all need some time out

It’s not all about food & exercise! Two words….Colouring Books. Amazing! haha. I jumped on the bandwagon for the craic & I’m loving it 😀 I spent 2 hours colouring in & listening to music, not thinking about anything. The perfect way to zone out! So why don’t you take some time out (you don’t…

How to improve your sleep quality

  As the Irish Proverb says, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything!”.   How to improve your sleep Something we hated as a child, yet long for as an adult, defines how we lead our day. There’s nothing quite like waking up after a sleep that was…

The low down on added sugar

Seeing as we are one week in to January & 2016 as of today, tip 7 is going to be a challenge set for some of you. Be aware of your (added) sugar intake Challenge: Switch your regular fizzy drink for a low/no calorie version to help you drop calories A lot more people than…

5 Simple Tips for a Healthier You!

Follow these easy tips every day for a healthier you 🙂 1. The best time to workout is the time that you will stick to consistently! (Don’t commit to early mornings if you’re not a morning person or you don’t function well, choose a time you will feel energised & won’t dread working out!) 2….

Change. Are you really ready?

Are you serious about getting healthier in a bid to shed some weight? Have you thought about how long it will take and what it involves? Are you really ready??