Sweet Treats

Mmmm chocolate………

If you’re anything like me and have a love for all things chocolatey, then you may relate to this.

So I know nothing compares to a nice Galaxy caramel, or a Mint aero and the likes, but when you’re training hard and eating well, why throw it away by giving in to these cravings? Mind over matter and all that!

People always have this great advice that is – just eat dark chocolate instead. Well, to put it simply, it’s not to everyone’s taste and quite frankly anything 85% or above tastes cr*p.

So you’re trying to be good, you break off one square of 85% dark choc, ready to devour it – but once that bitter, intense, dark cocoa taste touches your lips you already feel like you’ve had enough! So you put it away. But the craving’s still there. I’ve done this so many times. And I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes I may have lifted something like a milk chocolate kinder bar in it’s place (Well it has calcium in it so it’s healthy, right?!). No. Be strong!

I, myself 100% believe the more you eat of a certain thing, the more addicted you are to it, and the more you crave it.

Well, surely if you cut it out and get past the first week or 2 without it then you won’t crave it, right? I find this to be true for me – for the most part, but then you have your off days and you would just love a tiny piece of chocolate which leads to you eating a square of your favourite chocolate, which leads to another, and another til the bar is gone and you’re searching for your next bar like a mad woman! You get depressed that you gave in to the temptation and now you’re in that mindset of “Well I’ve already ruined my eating clean for today soooo I may as well go all out”. NO!

Everyone has a lapse in motivation and control. You need to learn to enjoy that lapse and get straight back on track. You enjoyed your chocolate, it was totally worth it, yay-happy times! Do not let this bring you down and ruin your progress.

I’ve attached a picture of some fruit (apples and strawberries) covered in dark chocolate, yes 85% (yuck). No, seriously though this is a way I get my sweet craving satisfied after a meal without feeling guilty, and it’s the only way I like eating 85% chocolate. Either as a melted chocolate dip, or melted and set on fruit, covered in toppings such as flaked almonds, crushed nuts and unsweetened, dessicated coconut, it actually tastes really good!

So there we have it, no more spiraling out of control when you fall off-track. Pick yourself up, enjoy the impulse treat and start again. And where you can, control those impulses by having alternatives such as the picture above.

Cocoa and dark chocolate have a wide variety of powerful antioxidants after all so they really are of benefit to your body, so just choose wisely next time you get that chocolate craving!

Alana xo

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