Breakfast – THAT’S not what you eat for breakfast!!?


Breakfast has made itself known for being a bowl of cereal type meal, or a slice of toast, jam and coffee one. But why? Maybe because that’s what we have let it become. We fall for all the mass advertising around breakfast cereals. “Wholegrain cheerios” Just no. Wholegrains such as oats, yes!

Just like lunch and dinner, breakfast is supposed to consist of food that is nutritious and full of health benefits. What does a bowl of coco pops do for your body more than a steak or some fish would? So why do we turn our nose up to having these foods instead??

We have grown up in a culture that has lead us to believe that this is what breakfast should consist of. Toast, jam, boxed cereals, donuts, bagels, etc. Maybe if we were eating meats, eggs, nuts, whole grains for breakfast from a young age, then we wouldn’t look at people weirdly for eating real foods for breakfast.

Maybe people are just misinformed. New products are advertised so often you lose track of all the “healthy breakfast on the go snacks” that have ever been produced! Breakfast biscuits for example. I won’t even get into it, but this is not what your breakfast should consist of. Simple as. Not all advertising on TV is legitimate, if a food needs an advertisement, then you should think twice about it anyway!

It’s not too late to change though. Of course, if you are happy with not having a healthy, lean body then stick to your sugar puffs and toast for breakfast; however if you decide that you want to fuel your body with whole, REAL foods then breakfast shouldn’t be seen any different to lunch or dinner.

You will feel fuller for longer, full of energy and your mind will focus much better than it would from high-sugar foods for breakfast, i.e., a box of cereal. Leftover dinner from the night before? Why the hell wouldn’t you eat it for breakfast?! (And, no I don’t mean leftover pizza guys 😛 )

Many countries around the world have much lower risks of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental health and so on, in comparison to Ireland, the UK & my home from home, Bahrain. You can bet they aren’t having some Frosties or a cream cheese sandwich for breakfast.

Some of the foods these countries (Greece, China, Iceland, Mexico) have as a breakfast staple are as follows:






-Wholegrains (Rye/Oatmeal)

-Feta Cheese




-Greek yogurt & honey



If you start to come round to the idea of a real, nutritious breakfast then you may start to benefit from some of the following:

-Lower body fat

-Improved focus (learning/retention)

-Improved mood from the beginning of the day

-Better food choices later in the day

-More energy than before

-Muscle preservation

-Increased strength in your workouts

-Lower cholesterol levels (No egg yolks will NOT give you high cholesterol!!)

-Improved bowel movements

-Balanced blood sugars, less cravings, and less ‘drops’ in energy.

So, what should/shouldn’t you do?

-DON’T use the excuse that you have no time in the morning, if you’re not willing to get up 10 or 15 minutes earlier then DO prep your food the night before. Like I said, what did you have for dinner? Make some extra!

-DO eat real foods that are unprocessed, DON’T eat it if it comes in a nice colourful box with a toy inside!

-DO eat enough food, DON’T leave yourself feeling hungry, breakfast should make you feel satisfied, choose filling foods that keep you full for longer. Protein dense foods should do the trick.

-DO eat vegetables, DON’T have this idea that they are only for your Sunday dinner!

-DON’T be scared to try new foods, DO include foods that are whole-grains such as oats, millet, quinoa, etc).

-DON’T start something you can’t continue, DO start to make small changes slowly so that you can stick with it in the long term and have a proper routine.

Alana xo


One thought on “Breakfast – THAT’S not what you eat for breakfast!!?

  1. Well, I should say it’s a nice article, nicely written and knowledgeable, I never thought breakfast could be heavy, I always preferred to toast bread, butter with coffee and eggs in breakfast never knew that we can opt for the heavy meals too.
    Check this out –

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