New Years Resolutions & Why they are cr*p!!



It’s that time of year again, where we know the Festive Season will lead us to indulge in food and drink more than usual. But that’s okay, we can eat, drink & smoke whatever we want now because lets face it come January 1st we are all going to be new, improved, fit, disciplined machines! Or so we tell ourselves. 

If you google top New Years Resolutions, this is the typical list you will find:

-Lose weight and Get Fit

-Quit Smoking

-Learn Something New

-Eat Healthier and Diet

-Get out of Debt and Save Money

-Spend More Time with Family

-Travel to New Places

-Be Less Stressed


-Drink Less

How many of you have set a list like this before. I know I have. Until I realised it is the most pointless thing ever! Unless you are in that minority who are extra strict and disciplined than others.

Why do we all set these goals, the same ones every year? Who for? The media; the picture perfect human being who is fit and healthy, eats clean 24-7, doesn’t drink, is happy-go-lucky all the time, doesn’t smoke, does charity work, travels the world, yet also saves money, is never stressed & learns something completely new. YEAH RIGHT!! Who are we kidding, that’s not reality!

Reality is that we could be eating terribly, drinking, smoking, etc right up ’til New Years Eve, maybe even New Years Morning when you’re hungover; then we realise SH*T I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions. So you think what did I say last year? Oh yeah, haven’t kept any of them so we’ll try again sure! Easy…

And there you have it. Thoughtless, Meaningless aims and goals for the New Year…..Setting yourself up for failure.

How many actually keep these Resolutions? Well over 1/3 of these resolutions are abandoned before January ends, and 3/4 are given up on soon after.

List-of-Easily-Broken-ItemsJanuary is probably the worst month of the year to set yourself any goals. It’s the aftermath of a happy, fun-filled Festive Period for most, when they realise they are back to the real world. People say it’s the most depressing month of the year. Why on Earth would you try to start off making changes on top of this. If you wanted to really work hard on changing some aspect of your life, why would you put a date on it? You start now. You make small changes towards that goal. Today.

Most goals are health/fitness related. Skinny by summer etc etc. Are these truly your goals? Not everyone wants this. Or should I add not everyone wants it enough to see it through.

Think of something that is really important to you, an aspect of your life that has been bothering you/something you have been wanting to try to change or start but you’ve just never found the time so you push it to the back of your mind.

Take that goal out. Think long and hard about whether this is something really important to you, something you really want to achieve.

Whether your “New Years Resolutions” are to get fit, eat more healthy, achieve a new target, take up a new course or whatever they may be; you need to start now.


Stop what you are doing. Write down your goal(s) that you’re serious about. Think HOW are you going to achieve this.

What is the first step? What resources do you need? Do you need the help of a friend/family member or maybe a professional in that area? What is the easiest way to get this goal up and running? The tiniest step can make the biggest difference.

Make that tiny change, or take that baby step today. Don’t wait until after the holidays when you are in the same boat as everyone else.

What’s to stop you getting ahead of everyone else?

You will have a much greater sense of achievement when you’ve taken your steps towards your goal whilst everyone else switches off over the holidays and start 2 steps behind in January, only to quit come the end of January.

Think about it now before you let the Holidays take over.

“There are 86,400 seconds in a day, how you use those is critical”.

For some serious motivation take a look at this video by clicking the link below. This applies to all aspects of your life-not just fitness!

Start now 😀

Alana xo

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