Can I put on weight whilst eating healthy?


How’s the New Year’s Resolutions going? Still exercising & eating healthy? Keep it up! If you have a goal that you are trying to achieve by eating healthy and training then this might interest you. It might not! Haha.

When we say we want to lose weight, we have to remember that losing weight comes down to staying below our maintenance caloric level, as with gaining weight comes from exceeding this caloric level. It doesn’t mean you have to go crazy counting every calorie in every food you eat, but it does help to be aware.

When I see people-especially at this time of year, eating healthy foods and choosing better alternatives to their usual junk food, I can’t help but feel happy & think long may it last. We are heading in the right direction in relation to health and fitness and it’s great to see so many people actively making better choices and getting fit 🙂 If people have no interest in their weight but just want to be healthy then that’s brilliant! But for those who are eating healthy in order to achieve a goal, this may be for you.

Although choosing healthy foods is 100% better than the junk food a lot of people usually consume, I find that some people aren’t quite sure why they aren’t seeing results when they are exercising and eating as healthy as they have ever been before. This leads to people giving up on their goals and going back to their old habits, as unfortunate as that is. You have to realise that although healthy foods are in fact very good for us, and have numerous health benefits-they do also contain calories. Aaaaand an excess in calorie intake = an excess in weight gain. It doesn’t have to be overeating junk food; overeating full stop will lead to weight gain.

Just bare this in mind when you are planning your meals etc. I always snack on fruit especially, but I do keep in mind that this is going towards my carb intake for that day and it’s not just a ‘free’ food that I can eat as much as I want. This is just a simple example but you get the drift.

Food = calories.

More calories ingested than calories burnt through exercise/activity = weight gain.

Equal calories ingested than calories burnt through exercise/activity = weight maintenance.

Fewer calories ingested than calories burnt through exercise/activity = weight loss.

Simple! Don’t overeat and you won’t put on weight. Eat according to your goals whatever they may be.

I have attached a list of some fruits & what their calorie/carb count is. You would have to eat a serious amount to gain weight from fruit consumption, but it’s the other meals in your day that you have to take into consideration along with this.


Fruit                                                       Calories                 Carbs(g)

Apple (medium)                                        90                          18

Apple (dried) 10 rings                              155                         42

Apricots (dried) 10 halves                        83                           22

Banana (medium)                                    110                         27

Dates (dried) 5                                        114                         30

Orange (medium)                                    60                           15

Cherries (15)                                          75                           17

Grapes (1 cup)                                       65                           16

Blueberries (1 cup)                                 85                           21

Strawberries (1 cup)                               45                           11

Alana xo

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