Myth Buster : “Muscle turns to fat when you stop training”


“Muscle turns to fat when you stop training and vice versa”

Absolutely not. First of all, we have to realise that muscle and fat are made up of very different cells and have different functions.

There is no logic in saying that one can simply ‘change into’ the other. I often hear people use this as an excuse when they don’t want to (are too lazy) to lift weights. They don’t want to get ‘bulky’ or they don’t want the muscle to turn into fat when they stop.

Who says you have to stop anyway?? Wrong mindset from the beginning.

What happens is, when we train & lift weights to increase muscle, that is exactly what occurs; muscle cells increase in size. We are not gaining any extra muscle cells, and we may lose fat in this process, but that’s not because it is ‘turning into’ the new found biceps you’ve attained!

“My fat turned into muscles when I started training”.

If you say it out loud I hope you realise just how silly it sounds!

can-fat-convert-to-muscleBear in mind now that those who do train hard to build muscle, also eat more to fuel those muscles during training. IF training stops, muscle doesn’t just morph into fat, but it shrinks in size due to decreased demand from training.

However, when you see those bodybuilders for example, who have ceased training and have piled on the pounds, I can see where you are coming from in thinking that the muscle has turned to fat.

Hopefully though, after reading this post you will realise that most definitely is NOT the case and in the majority of situations, that person just hasn’t adjusted their diet/caloric needs appropriately once they stopped training so hard – hence the fat gain!

So get to the gym, lift those weights, eat more to fuel your training & reap the benefits!! 🙂

Alana xo

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