“Whole wheat bread is much better than white bread”


White bread is the devil! But whole wheat is much better, right? Wrong!

Due to whole wheat bread’s ‘high fibre’ and micronutrient content, as well as lower Glycaemic Index (GI) and Insulin index, (which means less insulin is released after a meal), white bread gets the bad reputation.

The differences are actually minimal between the two. The ‘high fibre’ content isn’t that high when you compare it to fruit and vegetables, where you are more likely to get your daily fibre intake anyway. Even though white bread has lots of micronutrients removed during processing, many are fortified (re-added) with additional nutrients.

Phytic acid content in wheat bread means that the absorption of dietary minerals like zinc and iron (which help your immune system and energy levels) can be reduced slightly. However, Phytic acid also has an anti-inflammatory and protective effect on the colon (large intestine).

So as you can see there is some good and some bad in both white and whole wheat bread. The actual calorie count is similar, and both contain gluten and related proteins.

To sum up: White and whole wheat bread aren’t as different as the media and people make them out to be, and neither contain a high level of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

My advice would be to choose bread that has 100% whole grain or ‘sprouted whole grain’ on the ingredients label.

Don’t let the ‘wheat’ or ‘whole-wheat’ label mislead you!

Alana xo

4 thoughts on ““Whole wheat bread is much better than white bread”

  1. Few years before I stop using White bread and start eating Wheat bread, I was satisfied as i think we are eating healthy bread, which has low glycemic index, nutritional fibers etc. But after reading your article, I dig more and found, they don’t have much difference, Just found a great comparison table here on Google (Screenshot)


    Thanks for pointing this Alana, As now I am thinking to use Whole Grain bread, just checking the price difference now.


    1. Thank you Seema, glad that you’ve looked into it as well, nutrition is very misleading! Hopefully you find a nice whole grain bread you like. I personally like rye bread but make sure to toast it! 🙂


      1. Alana, I checked rye bread out, but I think it’s not available near my area :(, but now I am trying a local brand of Whole grain bread, it tastes good too, between I just checked your Gravtar, it’s very effective and different. I think you can use it for your website logo, as it speaks out the story about this blog, what do you think?

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