‘Healthy’ Fats


When do healthy fats become not so ‘healthy’?

Well, with the constant hype around products such as Coconut Oil and it’s endless health benefits for example, I think some people get sidetracked from the fact that although this is a “healthy fat”, it is still fat.

Fat is easier to raise your daily calorie intake as it contains 9 calories per gram. To put that into perspective, Protein and Carbohydrates only contain 4 calories per gram, hence why you can afford to eat more of these foods.

So, make sure to measure how much cooking oil/dressing/nuts and avocados you are using on a daily basis to stay within your goals. Yes, they may be healthy fats you are eating but when you overeat anything it bumps up your calories, which then bumps up your weight; leaving you asking yourself “How?!” seeing as you were eating really healthy foods.

Too much of any food can lead to weight gain, no matter how healthy!

A good starting point when trying to work out how much Fat you should have in your diet is to have 25-30% of your total calories come from Fat.

E.g., If I know that I can maintain my current weight on 2000 calories per day, then I will make sure around 25% of those calories (2000 / 4) are from fat sources.

That gives me 500 calories from Fat. Remember I said there are around 9 calories per gram of Fat? Well now divide 500 calories by 9 to see how many grams of fat you should be eating approximately.

500/9 = 55g approx. Fat per day.

Simple! Now put it into practice; track your food for a day, measure what you eat as best as possible, use a tracker like myfitnesspal.com & see what percentage of your daily food intake is from Fat. You may get a wee shock!

Start now.

A lot of small steps can make a big difference! 🙂 


Alana xo

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