The Chia Co’s “ChiaPod”

As I promised, here’s a quick review on this little ChiaPod from The Chia Co. 

I personally love Chia Puddings as a snack or as a breakfast, so to be able to pick a pot up from the supermarket, to have ready when you’re stuck for time or just on the go, is so handy!

Especially when the ingredient list is so  short & contains only natural ingredients! ChiaPods are also Gluten-free & suitable for Vegans.

Ingredients: Chia seeds, Coconut milk, Filtered water & Vanilla bean paste.

Nutritional info: 170g pot, 164 calories, 10g fat, 14g carbs, 5g fibre, 3g protein.

In other words, chia pods provide you with omega-3 fats as well as 20% of your daily fibre intake. With both soluble and insoluble fibre, chia is essential for good digestion & keeping a healthy level of cholesterol.

The coconut milk present allows the product to be Dairy-free so those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy it, as well as providing healthy, medium-chain fatty acids (naturally found in coconuts).

Having a ChiaPod as a snack will ensure you feel fuller for longer as it provides a slow release of energy.

Yes, I’m all about making your own healthy food & snacks, and of course you can make chia pudding at home & it will be just as good! (See chia pudding recipe on my blog 😛 )

However, what I like about these little pots is that they’re available in supermarkets, so when there’s a day that you do need something on the go and don’t have anything prepared, they’re perfect! And the even come with a little spoon in the lid 🙂

With flavours including Coffee Bean, Dark Cacao, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Banana & Vanilla Bean, you’re sure to find a flavour you like!

Living in Bahrain, I know that these are available from Lulu Hypermarket in the yogurts & cheese section. For those of you at home/in the UK, as far as I am aware, Tesco and Holland & Barrett are also stockists for this brand. As for those who live in Australia, you should be able to find this quite easily I’m assuming as the brand is Australian 🙂

Alana xo 

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