Kill Your Cravings


We all get them. And it’s hard not to give in! But there are a few things you could be doing to prevent yourself from binging when you do get that sweet craving!

I know for me personally, if I restrict myself too much from anything sweet then when I do get a craving that I give in to, I can’t control myself! I’ll get to the stage I think ‘F**k it’, and eat whatever it is I fancy, and more!!

Of course, I’ll instantly feel guilty about it and feel depressed for giving in to the temptation! The drop in blood sugar after the sudden spike from inhaling all things sugary doesn’t help matters either!

What I’m getting at is, we are all normal, we can’t eat 100% clean ALL the time. Something’s gotta give. So what do we do? We learn to be smart about what we eat.

The cravings will become less frequent, you’ll be stronger if they do come, and you won’t feel deprived from certain foods.

A few tips:

  • Incorporate a small treat into your daily food intake if you know you will really crave something sweet. For example, 10% of your daily calories could come from a sweet treat like a chocolate bar that is 200 calories – if you are on a 2000 calorie diet.This should satisfy you and prevent any binging. Remember, eat wholesome, nutrient dense foods 80-90% of the time and allow 10-20% to be from foods you enjoy without worrying about nutrients. (See sweet snacks at the bottom of the page with their calorie content – all under 200 cals).
  • Picture your goals. Make a collage of inspiration and representations of your future goals so that the next time you feel like giving up or binging on junk food, you remember why you started!


  • Remove distractions. When you are sitting down to eat, do just that. Don’t check your e-mails, facebook, instagram, twitter etc etc – don’t multi-task. Savour your meals and you are less likely to mindlessly snack or overeat.


Snack Ideas & their calories (under 200):


curly-wurly  daim-barimages (3)maxresdefault (1)mikado-caloriesscreen-shot-2012-10-12-at-13-30-31

Creme Egg – 185 cals

Curly Wurly – 115 cals

Daim Bar – 138 cals

Maltesers – 187 cals

Kinder Maxi – 70 cals

8 Mikado Chocolate Stick – 88 cals

Milky Way – 94 cals

There you have it, a few snacks you can choose from to integrate into your diet if you feel like your cravings are constantly throwing you off-track!

Yes, you will get those people who will make comments on whether you should eating chocolate when you’re supposed to be ‘dieting’, but as long as you realise why you are doing it, and that a small snack like these will be less harmful than binging every so often!

Be smart & most importantly, don’t feel guilty! 🙂 #HappyMonday

Alana xo

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