5 Simple Tips for a Healthier You!


Follow these easy tips every day for a healthier you 🙂

1. The best time to workout is the time that you will stick to consistently!

(Don’t commit to early mornings if you’re not a morning person or you don’t function well, choose a time you will feel energised & won’t dread working out!)

2. Use herbs & spices to season your food and ditch the sauces. This small change easily reduces calorie intake.

(Recent tip I got for cooking chicken – marinade it in seasoning & egg whites before grilling/cooking – AMAZING! No more dried out grilled chicken!!)

3. Add limes, oranges, lemon & cucumber to your water to add flavor and stop you from reaching for sugary drinks.

(I add them to sparkling water if I’m craving a fizzy drink!)

4. An equal energy should be put into diet, exercise and recovery. They are of equal importance so don’t neglect one and try to over-compensate with the other.

(You need REST in order to progress – your muscles recover & grow with adequate rest so listen to your body!)

5. You can either give into that craving for a sugary snack, feel good for that moment it’s on your lips and guilty later OR you can mindfully choose a healthy snack instead.

Sure, you mightn’t feel as satisfied at the time, as is expected – but you won’t have the guilt afterwards & you will look & feel better for it in the long run.

(You’re going to feel both happy & sad either way – so you choose if you want to feel and look better for it or not. Then decide!)


Focus on the small things and getting them right day in and day out until it no longer becomes a task                             but a way of life 😀

REMEMBER: The best results come from the smallest changes! 


Alana xo

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