Living with Type II Diabetes


If you suffer from Type II Diabetes, there are actually a few things that you can do to help improve your health. Tweaking your diet and knowing what you can/can’t have, or should I say knowing what you should/shouldn’t have, can prevent your condition from worsening.

Worrying facts:

-180,300 Irish adults have diabetes, i.e., 5.7% of the total population.

-This situation will deteriorate in the future, with an estimated 257,700 adult citizens with diabetes in 2030.

-1,197 Irish citizens die from diabetes every year. This is more than 3 citizens every day!!

What is Type II Diabetes?

-Type II diabetes is a problem with insulin in the body. Insulin is the hormone in the body that is secreted by the pancreas when blood sugar levels go up – which is mainly after you eat.

-Due to insulin resistance in the body or the insulin response being inappropriate, glucose cannot be stored properly. This results in serious high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia).

-Having type II diabetes leads to more fat surrounding the abdomen & other organs. Having a diet that is aimed at losing weight can only help decrease this excess fat. It’s simple, when the fat starts to go away, so does your insulin resistance.

-Tweaking your diet as mentioned above can help to control the blood sugar levels and reduce weight/fat.

type 2  diabetes

How can you do this?

-Having a Mediterranean style diet – keeping carbs to a moderate level, can help reduce processed sugars and starches being consumed which in turn leads to a decrease in blood sugar levels.

-By increasing vegetables & plant intake, you are providing your body with the phytonutrients which may help to improve insulin sensitivity. As well as this, fibre intake from the above will help to slow down sugar absorption which prevents that spike in blood sugar.

-Make sure to add fats from fish and fish oils to your diet daily.

Aside from the numerous benefits exercise has on a healthy individual, it plays a huge role in controlling type II diabetes as well.


-It reduces body fat (remember we said T2 diabetes causes a buildup of fat around the abdomen & other organs).

-It improves cardio function.

-It improves blood sugars and insulin sensitivity – by doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) especially.

-It reduces stress.

All those stated above are also connected directly to the main cause of death in type II diabetes sufferers (stroke/heart attack).

  • About 50-80% of all UK citizens with type 2 diabetes die of cardiovascular disease.
  • 25.2% of people with diabetes suffer from coronary heart disease (UK).
  • 9.6 % of people with diabetes suffer from stroke (UK).

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You should consult your doctor on the following:

-The type of medication used

-When you should take this medication

-The type of exercise you should do

-How your blood sugars will respond to exercise

-Your nutrition before and after training (T2 diabetes can mean that your body metabolizes energy differently)

Barberine is a supplement that has been found to possibly improve insulin sensitivity, however, only take after consulting your doctor of course.

Alana xo

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