New Year, New You. . .again!

downloadAlready panicking about what you are going to do in January? How will you lose those added pounds you’ve already accepted you’ll put on over Christmas? Maybe you’ll try that detox everyone is talking about, not drinking alcohol all of January, extreme calorie deficits, training every single day…….Why?

How about you get back into your normal routine, your normal training programme and your regular healthy eating and you will be back on track in a few weeks!

The average person consumes around 5-6,000 kcals on Christmas day. That is the norm, so let’s accept that and move on. Christmas is a chance to spend quality time with loved ones, catch up with people you don’t get to see all year round and enjoy good food, whilst having a few drinks – NOT a time for worrying about your diet.

imagesFor your average person who is just trying to stay on track – be aware of your food and drink consumption over the festive period, don’t eat until you can’t move just for the sake of it, but by all means, enjoy your Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Even go back for seconds if you want! This is a time of year we should be focusing on the smaller things in life; happiness, contentment and gratification. Give yourself the week off, go for walks instead of worrying about getting to the gym, get lots of sleep now when you have the chance, spend time with people you love.

New-Year-New-You_content-quote.pngAll of these things will help you when you get back on track after Christmas! You will be well rested ready to train hard, your hormones and stress levels will be reset and healthy, and you will be ready to kick start 2016 off on the right foot! The worst thing we can do is feel guilt, go on a downward spiral as a result of that guilt, panic, and end up going on an extreme juice-only diet in January so you can ‘cleanse’ your body from all the food and drink you consumed over the Festive Period. Bear in mind this is peak opportunity for those businesses that market towards weak and vulnerable consumers who are hoping for a quick fix. I’m sure your social media will be buzzing with companies such as Clean 9, Juice Plus, Herbalife to name a few hounding you to buy your way to a new you! THEY ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE! 2e9587a8ba18305eeb11c8fded92ccda

Make this your New Year’s Resolution – how about this year you commit to NOT going on an extreme diet, NOT trying the quick fix because you might have over-indulged at Christmas, NOT feeling guilty about it & NOT worrying about how you can fix it!

Instead, you can commit to eating better (after the Christmas indulgence of course 😉 ), sleeping well, training often and most importantly – being happy!

  • Find a way of training that you love (if you haven’t already) and stick to it! Don’t let anyone tell you there’s a specific way of training that you MUST do. If you don’t enjoy it, how will you be consistent?!
  • Make sure you are eating foods you enjoy, but are also nutritious and healthy, remember the 80-20 rule!
  • Get into a routine so your sleep cycle isn’t messed up. If you have to get up early, go to bed earlier – simple.
  • Drink lots (not alcohol – you will have had enough at Christmas!), mainly water, and the rest in moderation (as much as I hate that word!)
  • Do more of what you love!! If that involves seeing your friends more often, going for walks in the fresh air with your dog, having movie/date nights, more ‘me’-time, then do it!


Make 2016 less about the nice things you own, the nice things other people own that you wish you had, things you wish you could achieve & negativity.

Make 2016 more about un-materialistic things such as being genuinely happy in your skin, things you CAN achieve, positivity & finding ways to enjoy being fit & healthy!

Alana xo


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