1st January


Annnd we’re off!!

If you’re reading this, some of you are probably (more than likely) a little hungover from celebrating the New Year with friends and family!

I’m not about to give you a lecture or make you get up & go to the gym, I’m just here to give you my first tip to kickstart your healthy New Year, New You!! (Remember, you said it last year, and the year before etc.,)

Well this is the year you are going to stick to it! That doesn’t mean a dry January, gym every day, no shit food, and whatever else you think it means.

This year, you are going to implement small, even tiny changes to your daily habits and try your best to stick to them.

To show you how easy these can be I give you the very first one…….are you ready……..



Yes, not only will it help that hangover of yours but this is one of the most underestimated, easy changes you can make that will help with your weight-loss journey as well as your skin care.

You hear it alllllll the time, but how about this time you actually do it.

Around 2 litres of water every day in January as a challenge & if you succeed, I guarantee you will feel better, but you won’t find it a challenge anymore, just a lifestyle habit – THAT is what you should be aiming for this year.

If you want an estimate of how much you as an individual should be drinking, then multiply your weight in kgs by 30ml, for example mine would be 70kg . . . . okayyy 75kg after the Christmas holidays!! 

So, 75 (kg) x 30 (ml) = 2250 ml or 2.25 litres of water per day, without exercise. 

Take into account that if you train, and sweat quite a bit, then increase that amount to compensate for water loss.

Check back tomorrow for tip #2 to kickstart your 2016!! 🙂

Alana xo



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