4th January


Not only are we on the 4th day of January, but it’s the first Monday of 2016! Absolutely no excuses if you haven’t started to get back on track or begin your journey to a healthier you! Everyone loves a Monday 😀

So by now you should be consciusly drinking more water (I know I am because I’m constantly having to pee!)

Check you’re hydrated by the colour of your urine, the lighter the better! 

Back on topic! You should be drinking more water, having a protein source for breakfast & start to write down/track your food to see if you’re overeating… At least 2 of which you can start today!

On to #4……….Schedule your workouts for the week

#no excuses meme

A simple one, but effective. Treat your workouts as important meetings. Plan which days it suits you to workout (be realistic) and stick to them!!

Set your alarm, pack your gym bag, book into a class/bootcamp, arrange with a friend.

Accountability is what we all need when it comes to training, if you can’t be accountable to yourself then train with someone, plan a day and time, that way you are less likely to skip – well you should be anyway!


If you are someone that is just beginning, then set realistic goals, if that means you are going to go for a walk 3 days this week, then that’s prefectly fine! But make sure you do. That way you feel satisfied that you stuck to your week’s goals and you will be motivated for the week ahead to do even more!

Something I find common, and often in myself, is that we find excuses to not start eating well, or not get back to the gym because we don’t have a rigid plan. Yet we go days and days, maybe even weeks trying to put together a plan instead of just getting off our backsides and moving!


Movement can be as little as a short walk or as much as training twice a day. Everyone is different, as are our goals, but everyone has to start somewhere. Make sure you aren’t putting off getting started due to not having a big plan, that plan will fall into place once you get going.

SO…..today’s tip minus the rant: Schedule in this week’s workouts & stick to it. Whether that’s in your head, with a friend or in your calendar with an alarm set, just do it 🙂

Happy Monday!!! 😀


Alana xo

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