5th January

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I’m going to keep this one fairly short you’ll be glad to hear!

Tip #5.…..Set yourself a long-term goal AND smaller, weekly goals

You need to have something to work towards in life, something that motivates you so you can ask yourself every so often, if what you are doing is getting you closer to that goal. 

If it’s not, then you know what to do.

Setting a long-term goal can be anything from working towards a promotion, to getting back to the weight you were pre-pregnancy, or fitting into a pair of jeans that don’t fit anymore; it doesn’t have to be to do with how you look, so maybe set yourself a performance goal, like running a 10k or even a marathon! 

That end-goal is going to take some time to reach and you have to accept that, so to keep you motivated in between times you set yourself shorter, weekly or bi-weekly goals. 


These can be as simple as not drinking fizzy drinks this week, to see if you can succeed & hopefully stick to it or running 2km more than you ran last week, preparing your meals for the week, allowing yourself 1 hour ‘me-time’ in the week doing something you enjoy, or even making it your weekly goal to contact/meet up with a friend(s) you haven’t seen in awhile. 

Like I said, these goals can be food, fitness or health related and that includes your mental health so it doesn’t always have to be going for a run or eating salads for lunch, make sure these are things that make you happy and will lift your spirits once they’re achieved! 🙂 

Set your goal at the start of the week, write it down where you can see it, and once it’s achieved you will feel so satisfied being able to cross that goal off your list! 

So much for keeping it short! Woops… ’til tomorrow 🙂 

Alana xo 

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