7th January


Seeing as we are one week in to January & 2016 as of today, tip 7 is going to be a challenge set for some of you. 

Tip 7….Be aware of your (added) sugar intake

Challenge: Switch your regular fizzy drink for a low/no calorie version to help you drop calories

A lot more people than I thought, consume fizzy drinks every day. No matter how bad we know they are, it is sometimes just an addiction. That’s what sugar does.

By having one can of regular coca cola, you are consuming around 35g sugar. Added sugar, not natural sugar. One snickers bar, the same.

That may mean nothing to some people but to put it into perspective think of it like this:

  • Snickers or coke do not contain any naturally occurring sugars, therefore all that sugar is added.
  • It is recommended, on average, taking most countries around the world into consideration, that we consume between 5-10% of our daily calories from added sugar. And that is hoping we stick to the lower end!
  • If i eat 2000 kcals per day, 5% of those calories = 100 kcals. That’s how many kcals we should be having per day from sugar.
  • Break that into grams, and as sugar is a carbohydrate, we divide 100 by 4 and it gives us 25g added sugar per day.
  • You’ve gone over that if you have a CAN of regular coke, and even you stick to the 10%, add a snickers to that & you’re over your recommended intake by 20grams…..


There are some people who will refuse to eat fruit because it’s too high in sugar, but have a ‘sweet treat’ instead…….fruit contains fructose, a natural sugar, you also have to think about the nutritional benefits that come with that piece of fruit.

Know the difference.

Some info on sugar:

Naturally occurring sugars like fructose, in the form of fruit & vegetables are completely different to added sugars, which serve absolutely no physiological purpose. All added sugar does is provide calories with no nutritional benefit; you are literally just putting calories in your body that don’t do you any good, only bad.

There’s a reason people are becoming obese, being diagnosed with Type II diabetes & heart disease…


Those who genuinely feel addicted to sugar, then unfortunately it’s the same as any drug, the best thing to do is cut it out completely! No baby steps.

For most people, they can start by having sugary treats/drinks once a week and trying to steer clear of processed foods.

If you do have a can of coke or fizzy drink a day, then switching to coke zero or similar, you are cutting out 35g added sugar a day,

35 x 7 = 245g added sugar a week.

245g x 4 = 980 kcals a week.

That’s almost 1,000 kcals you could be avoiding a week just by switching, not even cutting out fizzy drinks.

Of course there’s the argument of artificial sweeteners, but in my opinion if you are willing to put regular fizzy drinks laden with sugar into your system then you shouldn’t be too worried about artificial sweetener, in a moderate amount.


So there we have our first seven tips of 2016, I hope you have started to put some of them into action, I know a lot of people have realised how little water they have been consuming, so even consciously drinking more than usual is an improvement!

Check back tomorrow for tip 8 🙂

Alana xo


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