8th January


As we head into our 2nd week of 2016, I’d recommend a quick re-cap on last week’s tips, especially as it’s the weekend-where lots of people tend to lose focus. 

You should be over the fact that Christmas has ended by now & hopefully you are motivated towards the things you want to achieve. Remember, small goals along the way until you reach your main goal!

Some of you may have a final goal that is weight-loss related, and I’m sure most of us are on the same mission Post-Christmas regardless of our end goal 😀

That being said, today’s tip is….

Hang your goal dress/shirt/skirt up in your room where you are sure to see it every day.


This can be something you used to fit into (in my case) orrr you can use it as an excuse to buy yourself a little something to help with the January blues 😉

It’s something I’m sure you’ve heard before, but doesn’t mean much unless you’ve actually done it. The feeling of fitting into something you didn’t a few months ago is amazing, and so motivating!

I’m all about embracing your body and enjoying yourself & I am also aware of the pressure nowadays for the perfect body, so don’t think that I’m all about body image! But it is that time of year people want to lose a few pounds 🙂

Athlete by Howard Schatz

My quick view on body image:

The whole body image debate is a tough one to conquer because on one hand you have people telling you to embrace your body and stop worrying about what you look like. There’s more to life etc etc…

Then on the other hand you have the pressure of looking at all these fitness models, trainers, ambassadors etc., who promote this ‘ideal’ body with their ‘strong not skinny’ image. But which do you choose, which do you follow?!

Well, neither.


I see people taking the first one (embracing your body) totally out of context, and boasting on social media about embracing their body, but in reality it’s merely an excuse so they can continue eating junk food, drinking every weekend & convincing themselves they’re happy with their body. These are the people that go through short phases of being fitness fanatics but when they get bored, or it gets too tough, they go back to ’embracing their bodies’. They always have something to say about those who train & eat well consistently, and it’s not always positive.

Some of you might think that’s harsh, but that’s just my opinion.

Embracing your body, to me, is more about accepting the things you cannot change & I for one have learnt to do that. Things like scars, stretch marks, birth marks etc. However there’s also things I can change, and want to change & that is not me conforming to society & the pressure to have the perfect body. It is just me, giving me, some goals to keep exercise & eating well, fun & rewarding.

You should never feel guilty for wanting to better yourself, in all aspects of life, including your body image. Wanting to change your eating habits, cut down on alcohol, exercise or start a new form of training is a huge step for some people & one I love seeing people do.


You will always get people who are unsupportive & say you’re obsessed, different, stupid even, for spending so much time in the gym, training, or for bringing packed lunches places so you stay on track, or for going on a night out sober for example. These people just haven’t taken that step yet.

Of course, people need goals to work towards but we also need breaks every now and then, with Christmas being a common one for most. Being healthy doesn’t mean never eating a McDonalds ever again, or never missing a single workout, never getting drunk! Being healthy is knowing you make conscious efforts the majority of the time to get stronger, be fitter, eat good food that fuels your body, and not finding it a chore. That’s the physical part. Mental health is a huge part of body image and how we as individuals see ourselves. You have to learn to genuinely love your body, in all its glory! This is the hardest part, your mentality towards yourself; but once you learn to do it you’ll feel confidence you never knew you could have!


In reality it comes down to your health, not just body image. You will suffer less with disease, aches & pains, illnesses of all kinds by doing the above & I think we lose sight of that sometimes…


Slightly off on a tangent there, but something I hope some of you can relate to. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for wanting to be better or do better.

So hang up that item of clothing & give yourself that goal, but also know deep down that this whole process is improving your health so much more than it was before, both mentally & physically! 🙂


Happy weekend 😀

Alana xo 

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