9th January


If you didn’t have a read of yesterday’s little rant you can catch up on that first 😉 

On to tip 9…..So, here in the Middle East Saturday nights are the equivalent to Sundays at home. A day to chill out, catch up on life (or TV 😛 ) aaand get your shit together for the coming week. For me, that usually means meal prep.

Ugh that means wasting my whole evening making food – ah no it doesn’t. So, hear me out.

It doesn’t necessarily mean the crazy 30-lunchboxes, laid out on the kitchen table, like you see on Instagram & other social media networks. It just means looking ahead at what the next week’s schedule is like. Asking yourself will I actually have time to prepare food in between work, training & whatever else during the week? Or will I even feel like it? Probably not…

So, Tip 9 is simply Prepare your food in advance, even if it is just the next 2-3 day’s breakfasts and lunches. 


If you know you have a busy day ahead then the thought of cooking when you get home is not a nice one! Which means you may not bother to do it, or you’ll reach for the quick and easy convenience foods.

I prepare my breakfasts, lunches & some dinners in advance, as I know I will eat crap if I don’t. However, I love cooking, so I take a day that I don’t have much on in the evening & I’ll take my time and make something nice and homely.

It can be  a case of having your breakfast ready to eat in the morning, maybe set your cutlery and plate out, have your oats or eggs or whatever on the worktop to save time; make your lunch from leftovers you’ve had for dinner the night before – then repeat. Simple, all you’re doing is making extra food at dinner and taking an extra 5 minutes before bed to get breakfast ready.

It doesn’t have to be 7 days of food made at once, as I personally don’t even like eating cooked food that’s been made more than 2- 3 days in advance. Unless I’m making soup or a curry or something, then freezing it – that’s a different story!

So, enjoy your weekend, but maybe have a little think about what your coming week is looking like, and would you eat better if you make your food in advance.

There are plenty of batch recipes on my page, with breakfasts you can make the night before so all you have to do is take it out of the fridge in the morning. No excuses 🙂


I hope some of you are taking at least a few of these tips on board, they will make a big difference in the long run 😀

Alana xo

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