11th Tip of January

66271864Is one of your goals fat loss? Are you lacking some Monday motivation after the weekend?

Well, let me tell you something that might shift your ass into gear….

There are only 20 weeks until the summer. Yes, 20 weeks. Let that sink in.


Of course, if fat loss isn’t your goal, then never mind today’s post, you can check back tomorrow 🙂

For those who are wanting a more improved body by summer, read ahead.

So the Christmas holidays along with the food and alcohol splurge seems like yesterday, yet we are already almost 2 weeks into January!

Tip #11 is quite simple.

If you haven’t given yourself that kick up the backside that’s needed, then you’d want to do so ASAP. 

How many years have you said now that you’ll get yourself in shape for the summer? And how many summers have you been really happy with your hard work and how you felt in yourself come the holidays?


We have this burning need for quick-fixes nowadays that we often lose sight of the reality of things. People who yoyo diet, taking all the latest shakes and juices with 1 month to go until their holiday should know by now that it’s not consistent & will not last. You starve yourself before the holiday, knowing well you’ll not be eating like that on holiday, hence why you come back with all the weight you lost, back on.

It’s a vicious cycle.

It’s never too late to try again! So, 20 weeks still seems like nothing to me, but it is enough time to get all the proper groundwork in with your nutrition and training, as long as you stay consistent right up until the summer – this isn’t fad dieting, this is real life. Not being on a very strict diet before holidays means that you won’t balloon as soon as you have a cocktail or a burger on holidays. So you will continue to enjoy those things before holidays as well, but maybe keep them for special occasions, not every weekend.


However, it’s all well and good talking about it but only you can want something enough to make it happen, you can have all the help in the world but if you don’t want it enough then you won’t succeed. Of course it’s hard work, and of course it takes time, but as they say, that time will pass anyway!

You will thank yourself when you still have a ‘summer’ body next winter!


All the tips and tricks are there to help get you started, all you have to do is stop waiting for the perfect time to start.

Today is Monday. Start today. 

Alana xo

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