15th & 16th Tip of January


Okay so I slacked off yesterday by not posting the 15th tip so I’m going to post 2 today! 

Reason being, I was out all day yesterday with friends playing golf (my team came 2nd last so golf is not a strong point of mine!), having drinks (alcoholic of course) and eating (cake & junk food of course!), which leads me on to yesterday’s tip…

Tip 15….You can have your cake & eat it….literally 😀 

What you do consistently, day in and day out, does not mean you can’t ever do something that doesn’t ‘fit’ into your routine.

So, if you eat well consistently every day and train hard, of course you can count in some special occasions, where you will be eating food you wouldn’t necessarily eat every day (Mmm cake), and if you drink, I’d like to think it’s something you don’t do every day either.


That does not mean that you can never eat out, or drink & stay on track at the same time. Just like 1 day of eating heathy food and exercising won’t make you ‘healthy’, the same way 1 day of eating junk food and drinking alcohol won’t make you ‘unhealthy’.

Of course, going overboard will have it’s effects so at least try to be aware of what you’re consuming, and prepare for it.

So if you know you have a big night out coming up, where you’ll be consuming way more calories than usual, maybe drop your calories slightly in the days leading up to it.

On the day, keep your meals nice and light, saving your carbs for the night out. Think of the alcohol you’re going to consume as carbs – this means you DO NOT have to have a big high carb meal before you go out to ‘soak up the alcohol’. Pretty sure you still get drunk anyway!


By all means don’t go out on an empty stomach, but be wise about your food choices! This leads me onto today’s tip…

Tip 16….If you have a ‘bad day’, make sure to get right back on track as soon as possible. 

So, you went all out, ate a huge meal, drank copious amounts of alcohol, now you’re laying dying in bed hating yourself….sound familiar?haha. Way too familiar I’m well aware.

From experience though, the worst thing to do is get up and eat shit. If you have some decent food, such as eggs for breakfast, as they are full of micronutrients, protein & cysteine which helps break down acetaldehyde-that thing that helps give you that lovely hangover!


If you can’t stomach much the morning after, maybe a banana or a banana smoothie will help bring you round, especially to replenish the potassium you are likely lacking after alcohol’s diuretic effect on the body.

That being the reason that once you ‘break the seal’ you have to pee every 5 minutes when you’re out drinking! Electrolytes will be low the next morning, so rehydrate! Get some salt on board.

So, poached eggs on toast, some salt, and a banana smoothie it is……winning! Who needs a fry!

Luckily I’m not hungover for once as I only had a few drinks, but I still had my egg whites, and a banana. In the form of egg white oats topped with banana & peanut butter! Yum. Recipe for the egg white oats will be up later 🙂


Happy hangovers folks 🙂

Alana xo

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