19th Tip of January


Going to keep this one very short & to the point. 

Tip #19…Stop comparing yourself & your life to others. 

It’s very easy to look at someone else’s life from the outside & wish you had what they have, or looked like they do.

Remember, people tend to show the best bits of their life to social media, and that’s what we all see and compare ourselves to. Of course they’re not going to show you the boring side to their lives, sure who would that attract?

It’s very easy to put yourself down looking at other people, where they are in their life & how they got there and comparing that to yourself.

However, there’s no point looking at a successful person and wishing you had what they have – whatever that might be – if you aren’t willing to put in half they work they do.

You could be looking at someone who has spent years of their life to get where they are, yet you might only be starting out on your journey; no matter what age you are or what journey that might be-whether it’s weight loss, a career change or any other type of personal development.


How about you use their accomplishments & success as a goal to push yourself towards whatever aspects of your life you feel you are lacking or ‘aren’t good enough’, instead of using them as reasons to give up. Those people sure as hell didn’t give up!

They are proof that whatever you aspire to be or do, is possible & you don’t just get lucky or land on your feet. Hard work, dedication & consistency are key.

Forget whatever the if’s but’s and maybe’s might be and just go for it. You never know, some day people might be looking at you and your accomplishments as a goal to push themselves towards 🙂


These posts are getting very deep, I think I need to go back to posting daily posts on healthy food you should eat instead! 😀 haha


Alana xo

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