Tip 20 of January


For those who might not like the gym or ‘working out’ as much as others….

#Tip20… Find something fun that also gets you moving!

Based solely on my outings this evening to Laser Tag, even though I came last! haha. Who says you have to go to the gym to get your exercise in?! Just get let loose in a huge room with a Laser gun & some targets and you’ll soon break a sweat! 😀

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you aren’t fit just because you aren’t a #gymrat or #gymbunny like they claim to be… Taking a break from the gym and doing something fun & social is never a bad idea! Both physically & mentally. We put too much pressure on ourselves to stick to strict gym workouts & ‘clean eating’, feeling guilty when we slack.


Tonight I had cake for dinner & played Laser tag and a game of pool – so what 🙂

We are on a mission to see what other active outings we can add to our Bahrain To-Do list, so stay tuned 😀 Why not challenge yourself to do the same, see what ideas you can come up with by trying something new & get your friends involved!

“Meena 7 Crew”

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