21st Tip of January 

Following on from yesterday’s tip of mixing up your mode of exercise and trying something new, today’s tip is similar. 

#Tip21…Get creative in the kitchen 

Just because you are on a health buzz doesn’t mean you have to eat the same boring foods day in and day out.

That has to be up there with the top reasons people tend to lose motivation & go back to their old ways, eating junk food, waiting for the next fad diet to try for a quick fix.

I for one, am very much all about good food – that being quality, taste & health benefits but I also hate boring food!

So my tip for today is to get creative, and try to cook something new every now & then!

It will keep you from getting bored of “eating clean” & giving up on your diet, making it easier to sustain a healthy balanced diet that you can see yourself sticking to in the long-term.

So spice up that plain boring meal of chicken breast, rice & broccoli that you see all those ‘fitness freaks’ raving about, and try something new.

One of the best ways to get inspiration for new meals is through social media. Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest are bombarded with people’s meal ideas every day (including me), making it an excellent way to get ideas if you’re stuck.

One thing I would add though, is that if you are trying to lose weight/fat, you have to be aware that all “healthy foods” aren’t necessarily low in calories.

So if you are sticking to a certain calorie count per day, keep this in mind-especially the “clean eating” desserts you’ll see 🙂

Of course they are full of natural ingredients and have loads of health benefits, but they might not fit your daily intake for your goals.

Follow me on Instagram for daily food pics if you are looking for some inspiration! @caloriesandcarbs

Tonight I tried out this Homemade Chicken Parmigiana with curly fries & broccoli, it tasted amazing!

Perfect for a weekend treat, with around 600kcals in total!


Click on the recipe tab on my blog for lots of healthy recipes, sweet & savoury for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks 😀 

  Alana xo 

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