Tip 24 of January

Quick & simple, and it may help you push yourself to train the days you really don’t feel like it! 


Tip 24…Make a workout playlist that lifts your mood & motivates you.

I have the most random taste in music, so when it comes to the gym, literally anything could pop up on my iPod/phone. That’s fine for days that I’m in the gym and feeling motivated, but for the days I’m not in the mood to train, it’s a killer.

I find my workout literally gets done and that’s it, no more, no less. I don’t feel like I put my all into it. I congratulate myself for making it to the gym right enough, but I hate doing things half-assed so it really annoys me.

I came up with a solution; instead of sitting between sets, skipping every single song that plays, I made a specific playlist for the days I have the least motivation and interest in training.

Believe me, all I have to do is put on my headphones, the first track will come on & I’ll be buzzing out the door to the gym! 😀 Sad I know, but it works for me, so it might for one of you too.

Get some tunes that really get you pumped up, whether it’s Justin Bieber (definitely have 3-4 of his songs on my recent playlist haha), or the total opposite like some heavy metal?! I don’t know! You choose.


Whatever it is though, make some of them into a playlist for the days you feel like crap and at least put your earphones on before deciding whether or not to skip the gym/training!

I’m telling you, it makes a difference 😀 Call it the ‘Go to the f**king gym’ playlist 😛

Last week of January!! It’s time to stop making excuses!


Alana xo

p.s. I use 8tracks sometimes I feel like a change, you never know what’s going to come up next, you just choose some buzzwords/genres and it’ll pull up some playlists that people have already made. Try it! 


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