Tip 25 of January

If you haven’t seen any of my social media pages today then here it is again… 


#Tip25…Take part in the 40 days of 40 burpees challenge! 

It’s always good to challenge yourself, and what better way to do so than being part of a group with over 7,000 members (so far) doing the same thing?! There’s your accountability sorted.

The 40 days of 40 burpees is a challenge set up by Pat Divilly (Irish coach/author/speaker) on his Facebook to get as many people in as many places to take part in the challenge 🙂 #globalburpees


A bit of fun, but a challenge all the same.

If you have to break it down throughout the day or into sets, so what! Just make sure you complete the 40 each day (or else you’ll be doing 80/120 etc etc if you forget!).

Why not time yourself whatever way you are doing it, so you can see what progress you make by the end of the 40 days!

So there you go, get up and give me 40 😀

Join the Facebook page 40 Days of 40 Burpees and see who else is taking part & videoing the evidence 😛


“When your workout is fun, it doesn’t feel like work”.

Alana xo



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