Tip 28 of January


Detoxes, cleanses, magic pills, fad diets…….

#Tip 28… Don’t fall for any products that claim to ‘cleanse’ your body or ‘kick-start’ your weight-loss journey. 

As much as that is exactly what we want to happen, deep down we all know that if it were that easy then we wouldn’t be in the position of needing to lose weight to start with.

There are multiple brands that claim to give your body that initial ‘cleanse’ it needs after a binge of junk food and/or alcohol, which is exactly how plenty of people feel at this time of year especially.

So it is very easy to think that if you just hand over your money to these people then it will be the little kick-start or push you need. You will continue to eat healthy and lose weight by yourself if you could only get this help to shift those first few pounds…

I’m going to give you some advice you might not want to hear.

These fads are not needed and they are not sustainable. 

I am sure we all know someone, who, at some stage, decided to try out one of these brands, whether it be herbal life, juice plus, clean 9 or any of the others! That is 100% okay.

We all go through phases of needing a little push and wish there were a short cut. How many of these people do you know actually continue to use those products on a daily basis? Not many.


If you do know of a few that continue to use them, I’ll ask you this instead, how many of those who still use them, are a seller of the product? A few, I’m sure.

Those companies are very business minded, sales driven, they are pyramid schemes to see who can get to the top by getting all these people on board to sell their products to vulnerable individuals.

I sometimes wonder how many of these people actually had any solid nutrition background before they were told what to tell people about their products, and the benefits they have….You don’t see many reputable nutritionists or dieticians selling for them that’s for sure.

Off on a tangent, back to why you don’t actually need to give these companies your money.

This might sound shocking, or maybe just like hard work, but you can actually give yourself that kick-start you need.

You do not need a product to help you clean up your diet, eat more vegetables, eat in a calorie deficit, exercise more, lose weight.

Essentially, that is what happens with these products; yes you take their products that claim to be the holy grail of weight loss, however what comes along with that, is actually calorie restriction on your behalf, you will also be more aware that you probably shouldn’t eat as much junk food, eat more vegetables and drink less alcohol,  if you want it to work.

You are self-consciously helping that product to make you lose weight. Then, when you do lose a few pounds, you think the product is your saving grace!

You might continue eating healthy forever and ditch the product, and be the healthiest you’ve ever been, and if so, well done!


What mostly happens is that you lose a few pounds from ‘using the product’, you continue eating less for a while, realise you probably need more food to function well before messing up your hormones, then the weight starts to creep back on. You blame yourself, not the product of course.

You might go off the rails for a while when it comes to your food intake, until you feel like, you know what “I could do with losing a few pounds, maybe I’ll use that product again, it worked last time to help me lose weight, I swear I’ll stick to it this time”…..

And the vicious cycle continues….

If this sounds like something you have done/do then don’t be embarrassed, these companies make their millions by targeting vulnerable people that just want that little bit of help.

Here’s what actually happens when you lose those inital few pounds:

  • Your daily calorie intake is dramatically reduced, therefore you are eating a lot less than usual.
  • You consciously feel bad if you eat junk food during your ‘cleanse’ so you stay clear of it.
  • You eat more vegetables and fruit, as you know they’re healthy.
  • The weight you lose is from glycogen loss from the liver and muscles – it is a temporary weight loss NOT from fat.
  • In as little as 1-2 days you could be down a few pounds, this is from the glycogen that is burnt from your calorie restriction, as well as the water weight related to that.

Don’t be fooled by thinking it’s some sort of magic from your new product. Once you resume normal eating habits, this weight will return just as fast.

Why don’t you skip the whole process of losing/putting on weight and go straight to a healthy approach?

  • Exercise more if you don’t want to decrease your food intake. Do a small amount of both if you can! Eat slightly less, exercise slightly more.
  • Cut out that extra fizzy drink a day/week.
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Eat your starchy carbs around your training.
  • Avoid foods that make you feel bloated and unwell.
  • Drink more water – every day!
  • Make a conscious effort to eat less processed food.
  • Save the money you were going to spend on the products and use it towards hiring a PT or a nutritionist for a bit to help you find out the best approach you should take.

Follow these tips, one at a time, and you will get the results you want. Don’t cut out entire food groups or go extreme, as this is less likely to last. Be realistic. 😀

Aim for ‘good enough’ instead of perfect!

Alana xo

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