Tip 31 of January

The last day of January!! How many of you can say you have made even the smallest change & stuck to it? Don’t worry if you can’t.


#Tip31…Review your progress so far & re-evaluate your goals going forward!

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t supposed to end once January is over. Take what you have learnt over the past month, see if any of it has actually stuck, and work on the parts that haven’t.


You will know deep down the parts of yourself/your lifestyle you can improve on, and only you can push yourself to improve them 🙂

New Year’s Resolutions are supposed to be challenging. All year round! But if you give up on them, then you’ll end up with the exact same ones next year, and the year after that!

Make 2016 the year that you conquer a few of them!


By now you should be back into routine with ‘real life’ after the holidays, so it’s now that you have to make those resolutions work the most.

This is reality, working late, having 1000 things to do, feeling stressed, juggling work, kids, goals, fitness, healthy eating – this is where you have to prove to yourself that you can do whatever it is you set out to do.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the tips I’ve put out during January, and if even 1 of you has listened to any part of them, I’ll be happy!


I’ll be posting a “Recipe of the Week”, as well as random blog posts weekly so please do stay tuned 🙂

#FebruaryIsTheNewJanuary 😉

Alana xo

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